Putting on the Brakes: 6 Things to Do When You’re Falling for Your Mistress

“Thinking about her is a clear sign that you are falling in love”

Your relationship with your mistress was never supposed to be a love match. You were in it for sex, freedom, and good times but lately you’ve been thinking about her more and more. Falling for a woman you have sex with a lot is perfectly normal, but for a lot of men it’s finally crossing the line. If you’re not willing or able to cut off a relationship where you’ve started developing feelings for your mistress there are still things that you can do to slow down your emotional development. Act quickly and you might be able to save yourself a lot of pain and suffering. The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you are in it for sex and sex only. If this arrangement started with online hookup sex, then keep it restricted to just sex. No feelings! Click marriedflingsguide.co.uk/site-list-ratings/ to read reviews of married fling sites and get some tips on how to keep things casual with your mistress.

Tell Her to See Other People

This is one of the most drastic steps you can take, but it’s all but guaranteed to nip those intimate feelings in the bud. If your mistress is exclusive with you then that has to end. Simply tell her that you think it would be better for this relationship to be up in perspective. You’ve got your wife to think about, and she should have someone else as well. If she starts questioning why now, just say that you’re worried that she’s going to fall in love with you. Making it all about her feelings and reactions instead of yours is a great way to keep her focused on herself and not you. You absolutely never want her to know how you feel about her (or are starting to feel.)

A lot of men get territorial over women. It’s natural to not actually want her seeing other men. If you can make it through the pangs of jealousy that are going to accompany this transition you will cool in your feelings towards her. If you can’t be exclusive than you will automatically distance yourself from her. It’s a self-defense mechanism. Give it a month and you’ll see that knowing she’s been on dates with other people is enough to return your relationship to the sex oriented fling it should be.

Set a Strict Date Budget

When you’re falling for a woman you’re going to want to keep a close eye on your finances. By now you’ve doubtless thought of ways to cover your expenditures. Your wife doesn’t know that you’re seeing someone on the side and treating her to meals, gifts, and date nights on the town. That’s all well and good, but when you’re falling for a woman you’re going to want to spoil her. Setting a strict date budget that you force yourself to keep is going to make you scale back both the time spent with your mistress and the quality of that time. That’s going to suck at first, but it’s going to be pruning back the memories that you make with her.

Dates are a way for a man to invest in a woman. It’s human nature of care about things that you perceive as having a large investment attached to them. When you reduce the investment you reduce the attachment. It’s also going to send her a message to keep back. She’s a mistress, and you’re going to treat her well, but not that well. She shouldn’t get ideas.

Invest Time in Your Wife’s Hobbies

“Spend more time with your wife”

One of the biggest things you can do when you find yourself falling for another woman is to reinvest in your wife. There are plenty of reasons why you haven’t left her, and you should remind yourself of them. The best way to do this is to either engage with her in a hobby or find something that the two of you can do together. Put some of the money you’re saving on dates with your mistress and buy your wife something for a hobby that she always says she’s going to do. If she doesn’t seem to do anything (or just not anything you can stand to do with her; quilting is a nice hobby, but not one most men want to do with their wives) then you can invest in building a new hobby together. You can find many social clubs in England, and with more resources available online than ever before you’re bound to find something the both of you enjoy. Or just shop around and try many different hobbies you always intended to pursue together. Either way, you’ll be putting time back into your wife and reminding yourself why these other feelings are unacceptable.

Chat Online with Sexy Strangers

“Find some good dating sites”

Many married fling website reviews depend on whether or not the site has an easy chat feature. This lets you get online, meet a sexy stranger in a few minutes, and have a chat. It could be about something as simple as sports or the weather, but most chats take a turn for the naughty fairly quickly. Make sure that you clear your browser history after you log into these sites, and also try to make sure you won’t be interrupted. Things can get very steamy. By tapping into the power of the Internet to find hot ladies to chat with you can realize that your mistress isn’t the only woman who turns you on. Getting what you get from her from someone else will quickly disillusion you and remind you that there are plenty of fish in the sea. Your mistress might be a great woman, but she’s far from irreplaceable. If it gets to the point where you have to break it off with her you’ll be fine. In fact, you’ll have someone else very quickly. There are plenty of women in England looking for a hot married man.

Make It about Sex Again

You started hooking up with your mistress for sexual reasons. She was attractive, attentive, and available. If you let it somehow become something more than that’s really your issue. Slowly make your relationship about sex again. You probably won’t be able to get back that first flush of sexual energy, but you will be able to cut out more and more conversation in favor of body language. If you need help remembering how to steer the conversation directly towards sex you can check out married fling website reviews; they’re usually loaded with information about how to turn a chat into a hookup ASAP.

Focus on Her Flaws

“Think about her negative points and stay away from her”

When you’re falling for a woman her breath smells like roses and there isn’t anyone sexier in the world. It can be difficult to think of reasons why falling for her might not be the world’s best idea. When you need to break yourself out of your emotional attachment quickly and easily you should focus on her flaws. Remember the things she did that used to bother you and get yourself worked up about them. If she likes to pop gum focus on that while you’re talking to her. Even a minor flaw can get serious when you focus on it. Do that often enough and the perfect woman you’re love struck senses have put together will shatter. Once she’s just a normal person again it’s very easy to step away from your feelings for her.

When you find yourself falling for your mistress you have to take action as soon as possible. At the first trace of emotion start focusing on her flaws, and if that doesn’t help you can see if urging her to see other people takes the edge off your desire. If not, you should really consider breaking it off with her. You only have to turn to married fling website reviews to see just how many women there are from you to choose from. You don’t have to still be with her if she poses a threat to your marriage.

What She Means When She Says She Wants Your Support

“She wants you to be there for her”

When it comes to relationships, no one is perfect. We all get into fights no matter how stupid or silly and we all make mistakes. One of the more common ones, however, is something we can easily avoid if we just understood what was actually going on in the first place. This often takes the form of the shouting match at the end of a relationship that sends us hurrying back to finding a comparison of online dating sites. That is to say, the accusations of lack of care that usually come out at the end of a relationship rather than during and leave our heads spinning for days. How could we think we did not care when we went out of our way for her so many times, anyway? Well, what we could as supportive and caring and what she sees as supportive and caring are very often too completely different things. Knowing the difference can be all it takes to really affect a change in this scenario.

Tell Her She Can Do Things

“Boost her self-confidence”

This is so trivial, and yet many of us forget about it when we are actually in a relationship. The fact of the matter is, no matter how often you think you are being positive and telling her good things and giving her compliments, it will never be the amount you actually need to be. It’s not your fault either. We just generally have a much harder time remembering to do these things and recognizing her wants, needs and accomplishments to begin with. Most of us have been brought up to understand that praise is something we get for being especially good at something, not for just doing something at all. Meanwhile, most women are coached into believing that if they are not being praised they are doing something wrong or not worthwhile. That is why so many guys consider most women to be high maintenance. In truth, they just want a little reminder that everything is going fine, everything is good and she is doing great.

The thing is, we are not quite so different than they are with this; we have just learned to adjust to a lack of feedback whereas they were told to do the opposite. Always look for feedback. Always check to make sure everything is right. Always assume you can do better. If you are not being told how good you are doing then you are not doing well in the first place. These sorts of things are what periodically reminding her of what she is good at can help prevent from really mucking things up. Just like the comparison of online dating sites led you to Xpress.com when you most needed the information, so too can a little bit of comparison make her feel like she has her bases covered. So if she is really stressing over something, or being able to handle a certain situation, sometimes something as simple as telling her she is completely capable getting through this, or completing that project are going to be all she needs to actually manage it.

Ask Questions, Especially if Things Don’t Make Sense

“Ask her, how she is feeling, even if she says she is fine”

Another seemingly straightforward piece of advice you may be shocked by how few people actually use in their day to day lives. Even we have to remind ourselves to do this, so chances are, and so do you. What this often comes down to is the expectation that we just aren’t going to understand what is going on. It’s another one of those things we have been brought up to anticipate just being incapable of in our relationships. We will never understand women, we think, so why bother asking this one in particular just what the heck happened. Well, because we will never understand anyone, really, but generally we do our best in every other scenario, so shouldn’t we, generally, try harder for someone we actually care about at all? Not asking is a defeatist habit that will not solve anything in the past or future. When it comes down to it, there is no way we are going to understand anyone without asking for clarification or just point blank requesting information if we have no idea what is going on.

The primary mistake people make when it comes to asking for information, however, is often coming off accusatory in the process. Then she gets defensive, we get angry she cannot just answer the question and the whole thing blows up far worse than it ever had to be. So try to skip on telling her she is being difficult and asking her why she is acting a certain way, or really anything that pins everything on her like it is something she is purposing doing to tick you off. This might come as a surprise, but she probably really isn’t and could really use someone to rant to anyway. Saying something about how something seems to be upsetting her and that you would really like to know what it is, if nothing else than to give her a sounding board for it, is going to win you a heck of a lot more points than telling her she is being annoying and to quit it.

Don’t Try to Find the Silver Lining

“Things might backfire”

When we find out people we know and care about are suffering in some way, often our basic instinct is to try and make it better. In a lot of cases we know this isn’t going to work and thus end up offering a silver lining response instead. It could be worse, we tell her. Or at least it didn’t end up some other way that would have really messed things up. Here’s the thing: pretty much no one ever wants to hear that when they are particularly upset about how things are currently. Yes, there are starving children who would love to have what she has, but that does not solve the fact that she is nearing a panic attack from the amount of projects and responsibilities being thrown her way at work. What’s more, telling her things is likely just going to piss her off, since to her it sounds far more like you are making little of her current woes than actually trying to find something to make her smile in spite of them. What you are practicing when you do this is sympathy over empathy and our own experiences with what is like should be enough to deter us from doing the same.

Ultimately, however, we are far more accustomed to sympathy than empathy. It is just much easier to try and offer some help than to commiserate or fall into silence. We do not feel like we are actually doing anything helpful in the latter options. The sensation of spinning uselessly in place is what led use to find a comparison of online dating sites in the first place, so it’s understandable why you would shy away from things that do not appear to actually be helping the situation. If, however, you just agree with her that the situation sucks and stick around to offer your presence if nothing else, you are practicing empathy and she will appreciate it a lot more than you think.

Top 3 Must-Have Apps For Music Lovers


The power of music is great, giving you peace of mind. Everyone across the globe loves music, whatever genre it is; pop, hip-hop, jazz, classic, rock and many more. Each individual has his own taste of music. There have been numerous music apps available on mobile phones – android, iPod, iPhone. However, as the mobile technology advances more apps are being introduced and one can’t just do without them. They make your music listening experience an exciting one. Some have been there for a while and are being improved, while others are making their debut into the music app world.

1. Pandora radio

Pandora has been a great app for music lovers for some time now. It continues to gain popularity among the group. It uses internet stream live whereby you can customize your favorite music stations around your favorite songs and artists. The app is better in that you can give feedback on the tracks or artists you love and those you hate.

3 Must Haves for Music Lovers

3 Must Haves for Music Lovers

Through this feedback, your music station is customized and refined with only your favorites. Using the app is not difficult either, you type the song or artist name and the given song or one Pandora regards similar to it starts playing. Anywhere you go, enjoy your favorite melodies through Pandora. You can as well bookmark the favorite songs to enable you download them later.

2. Sound Hound for sing along enthusiasts

This app enables the music lovers to sing along using the lyrics displayed as the song is playing. You get to join in singing the song which gives you more joy and fun. It also allows you to live-stream free songs on your phone. Ever enjoyed an amazing song on your radio or phone which you want to download but don’t know the name or artist? Well, Sound Hound is designed to help you. It enables you to recognize the song name, artist, YouTube link and other download links available. By linking the app to your social media sites, you can share your favorite songs with friends and also get relevant updates concerning your favorite artists on social media. The app is available for free and also in premium rates. Download it and enjoy your best music.

10 Best iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

10 Best iPhone Apps for Music Lovers

3. Spotify as the best free streaming app

Any music lover wishing to enjoy his best music cannot afford to be without Spotify. It has been a famous and popular free streaming app. It enables users to choose from a wide range of music, which you can then synchronize into your phone. When you search for a song or artist, the app connects to a site over the device internet and eventually displays the numerous results from which you can choose from. The good thing about this app is that you do not need extra storage space since you can create a Spotify library and enjoy streaming direct from the library. Just create your favorite songs’ playlist and start enjoying the music.

There are definitely more other music apps available, but these three deserves your priority. They would satisfy your music taste with really good music. So go on and try them, and enjoy the best music-listening experience.

How To Have A Peaceful Divorce With Less Animosity

Divorce and separation are no longer strange things in the society. Many marriages are hitting the rocks for many reasons. With the change in lifestyle and the diminishing love, marriages can easily fail to work and consequently lead to divorce. As much as you may pointedly argue that divorce is not a pleasant experience, there are plausible ways of handling it so that it does not become a nightmare for the parties involved. Married couples can still end their marriage and remain friends without causing animosity or being inimical to each other.

Acceptance by both parties paves the way for peaceful negotiations

Ending a marriage is not an easy task. The situation can even be more complicated if it is the last thing you wanted. However, if it has reached the divorce level, accepting is one of the ways to end the marriage amicably. Acceptance is a key factor that will help to limit drama and other nasty situations. Whether the idea to end the marriage was yours or of the other partner, accepting that the marriage is over will be very important. It can save you and your soon to be ex a lot of drama and pain.

A Father’s Regret and A Lesson for Divorcing Dads

A Father’s Regret and A Lesson for Divorcing Dads

The importance of a mediator in divorces

Divorces that end up in court are likely to cause animosity and the entire process will be marred with hatred. Rightly so, a mediator will be the plausible person to help you reach a peaceful agreement and divorce. A mediator is a third party person who can help in handling all the practical matters of the divorce process. It is an amicable way of divorcing that has a lot of privacy because it is only the mediator that will know the facts that have caused the divorce. This is unlike a court where there are gatherings and the entire courtroom follows the divorce proceedings. Yet on the face of it, getting a mediator guarantees you low costs involved in the divorce process. This method of divorce is increasingly becoming popular today.

Here are the Dos and Donts that can help you to end your marriage amicably:

Do not put the children in the middle of the saga. Always remember that children are simply innocent victims and despite the divorce, both of you are still their parents. As you find appropriate ways of ending the marriage, it is important to give the children all the love and attention they need.

The Chances Of Getting Remarried To Your Ex After Divorce Are Low, But Not Unheard Of

The Chances Of Getting Remarried To Your Ex After Divorce Are Low, But Not Unheard Of

If the two of you have been unable to reach a consensus on how to end the marriage, do contact an attorney for the right legal actions.

Do not attack or quarrel your spouse in the presence of the children.

Be honest and candid in the divorces process. It is very helpful to be factual especially when it comes to property division.

Do not be greedy and try as much as possible to keep the tempers down. As much as the emotions may be running high, maintain a good attitude. Hot tempers during divorce can end up causing you additional attorney fees.

If you are finding it hard to cope with the change that comes with divorce, seeking professional help can be very helpful. A failed marriage brings very emotional moments that can be difficult to handle. Divorcing parents are always advised to remain cool and think before they act.

Life Too Can Bring Home The Bacon From Cancer

If God is to be believed, life turns out to be the most miraculous thing that He has created in this universe. Humans being the most superior living creatures have strategized this blessing called life leading to an increased life expectancy. Humans have cultivated science with nature to fight any sort of threat to life. The body acts as the machine for life and this machine can get rusted with lots diseases and the one which sounds alarming these days is Cancer.

Just A Little Time Towards Self

The development of the society has made people smarter and wiser. They want to stand out from others and be the best. But this cut-through competition to be powerful has led to an altered lifestyle where people have no time for maintaining the temple of the soul, the body. Although different types of advanced technologies have been developed to treat cancer but as they say, “Prevention is better than Cure”, it is always safer to avoid treatment by making a little effort towards oneself. Just a tinge of care for the body and one gets rewarded with good health which is priceless.

Calico residents bring home the bacon for charity

Calico residents bring home the bacon for charity

The Great Healer Called Nature

The most important way of nurturing our body against cancer is to have a good diet which prepares the body to strongly resist the chances of the dreaded disease. A good diet starts with nature. Plant-based foods like fruits, vegetable and whole-grains contribute significantly towards preventing cancer. These foods are best when they are in their raw form without any artificiality involved. Cutting down on processed food and animal fats and including raw and green foods in the diet gives body the strength to show a red signal to the grievous disease. Being high in fibre content these foods flush out cancer causing elements from body before they could cause any harm. Since tongue is a powerful sense-organ, taste becomes an essential ingredient of a diet. Flavoring the diet with natural flavors like garlic, ginger, turmeric, coriander, and basil boosts the immunity of the body against cancer apart from meeting the taste buds’ requirements

Cell-The Building Blocks

Antioxidants are another important content of a cancer-preventing diet. Antioxidants increase the defense of the body to fight against cell damaging components. Foods rich in antioxidants such as seeds, wheat-germs, seafood, cereals, nuts etc. should be included in the diet to boost up the functionality of the cells. Foods containing folic acid such as citrus foods and leafy vegetables like spinach also act as important artillery against cancer. Folic acid helps in formation of new cells and maintaining the red blood cells. Sources of calcium and vitamin D such as milk, salmon, mustard, chicken liver also contribute substantially to foster the body against cancer.

Don’t bring home the bacon: study links deli meats to bowel cancer

Don’t bring home the bacon: study links deli meats to bowel cancer

The Magic Of Changing Little Habits

Opting popcorns over chips and French fries gives a significant edge to the body in fighting cancer. A cup of coffee sits above soft drinks and sodas to stalk cancer. Lastly a healthy diet against cancer seems incomplete without the addition of water. Water regulates all the bodily processes. It removes the wastes and toxins from body keeping it clean and safe.

Cancer can knock the door of anybody’s life. Sometimes it is out of our control to avoid cancer to trespass our life. Even if we cannot avoid it sometimes, we can at least stay well prepared to fight against it with optimum level of strength. After all life is a boon and it should be respected.


Discount Coupons: Why Using Them Is A Great Benefit For The Avid Shopper


Discount coupons are everywhere. From clipping them off of your local newspapers or magazines, to receiving them from your local supermarket, to even online, there are many ways in which you can get coupons.

For an avid shopper, coupons serve as a very important tool for their shopping needs, because of the obvious savings that they can get from certain items. However, discount coupons serve a more meaningful purpose:

1. Savings

The most obvious advantages that an individual can get from using coupons is the huge amount of savings that a shopper can obtain from it. And with most people doing their best to budget their money when shopping for grocery items, discount coupons play a major role in allowing the shopper to buy more items, all while keeping their budget in control. In fact, with proper utilization, a shopper can save off up to 50% of their total grocery bill via discount coupons.

How to be a Smart Shopper?

How to be a Smart Shopper?

2. Bulk Buying

Some coupons not only offer a percentage discount on certain items, but they also enable you to purchase two or more products (sometimes two different products) for a lower price. This encourages shoppers to stockpile on the items they need in bulk, because they’re saving even more money than when they buy the items at normal prices. Retail stores also take advantages of this bulk buying nature to give out coupons for items that are being pulled out, to make way for newer items.

3. Purchasing New Items

Some coupons offer discounts for items which normally they won’t buy, mainly because of their loyalty to the other product with similar purpose. This effectively gives a degree of choice to buyers, who can take advantage of trying out the new product at a reduced cost. If the product that they purchased doesn’t satisfy the shopper, he/she can still safely switch back to their staple product, without much loss.

How to Find the Best discount Coupons for Online Shopping

How to Find the Best discount Coupons for Online Shopping

4. Effective Marketing Strategy

For the retail store, coupons are actually a very effective marketing strategy to employ. As most coupons are directly tied to that specific store from which is was distributed, coupons effectively entice the customer to go back and shop to that specific retail store to take advantage of all the promos the store has to offer. In fact, retail stores who offer discount coupons on a regular basis enjoy a much higher degree of sales and exposure, than those who don’t use them at all.

The only disadvantages that coupons posses is the tedious task on which it had to be obtained, mainly by clipping them on printed media or printing them. Still, one is an avid shopper and wants to save money while getting the most out of their shopping spree, the benefits of discount coupons far outweigh the disadvantages of it.

Discount coupons are everywhere. From clipping them off of your local newspapers or magazines, to receiving them from your local supermarket, to even online, there are many ways in which you can get coupons.

How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Small Business

Twitter is fast becoming an important part of small businesses. Whether you are part of a large corporation or are just planning to trigger off the operations of new startup, you must integrate Twitter as an essential element of your marketing campaigns. Read on for some simple but effective tips to get an insight into how to use Twitter to grow your small business.

Make an attractive profile:

Delegate a few hours in the compilation of your business profile. It is important to note down the points which relate to the being, description, nature of operations, type of services and products which your company has on offer and an insight into your growth plans. It may be a good idea to create two different Twitter profiles -one which acts as the main page of your business organization and another which serves as the channel for customer-service.

Twitter Marketing: How to Grow Your Small Business with Twitter

Twitter Marketing: How to Grow Your Small Business with Twitter

Observe before posting

Refrain from posting too much. Observe and learn what other well users in your sector are saying. You can follow their posts and gradually build up your own network of followers and audience. It is important to read and understand Twitter tips making their rounds on the internet and imbibe a few of them on your company’s page as well.

Sharing and caring is the keyword

You can begin by reposting interesting and relevant tweets from other users. Active participation in discussions and groups also help your followers get an insight into your business and help them gain confidence about your products and services. You can take up a proactive approach in seeking out customers who are dissatisfied with your operations, products or services and understand their problems.

POS systems and Jack Dorsey on how to use Twitter

POS systems and Jack Dorsey on how to use Twitter

Caring about your consumers on social media channels and helping them sort out their problems builds up stronger support and helps your business grow. Sharing current news about your company is also a smart way of informing your followers—but this should be restricted to 1/4th of your total posts.

Attract the attention of your Twitter followers

Try to grab attention. Holding contests, taking opinion polls, announcing offers only for Twitter users, starting off a discussion thread with hashtags (a string of words preceded by the (#) sign is searchable and attracts higher responses) or asking questions, is a great way of bringing in tweets from other customers and followers. You may even consider starting a blog on your company’s website and linking the same to your posts on Twitter. This generates more traffic for your business.

Promote your presence on Twitter

Your Twitter handle should find a place of prominence on your company’s website. Linking all your marketing and advertising campaigns to your Twitter profile can help you get a readymade audience of targeted clients and prospects. This adds greater value to all promotion efforts and helps in yielding better result.

Some small business owners may be finding it hard to accept that Twitter can help them achieve higher profitability figures. However, the good news is that many retailers have got their hands set on tweeting and are using this much popular social media website for reaping rich dividends—and in more ways than one.